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13 Intriguing Email Subject Lines That Prospects Won't Be Able to Resist Opening + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, so today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. 13 Intriguing Email Subject Lines That Prospects Won't Be Able to Resist Opening — HubSpot

The goal of the subject line is to get someone to check out the rest of your email. So you’ll want to intrigue and generate interest without saying too much. This post shows you how to use principles of human psychology to craft subject lines that will get your emails opened.

2. Simple Recipes for No-Fail Landing Page Copy — Unbounce

There are some fundamental formulas (for both cakes and landing pages) that are tried and tested, and proven to produce positive results. If you're using inbound marketing to generate sales leads, you'll want to check out this post offering simple-but-effective recipes to get prospects to fill your landing page forms.

3. Google Can Now Deliver Native Ads Programmatically — Ad Age

Google has announced that advertisers can now buy native ads programmatically in DoubleClick Bid Manager. This move makes it easier for marketers to buy native ads for both desktop and mobile. You can read the details of this new functionality here.

4. Managing the Tensions & Tradeoffs Between UX & SEO — Moz

What's more important: making Google happy so your website pages will rank high in the search results, or making your readers happy with content that engages them? Sometimes you can accomplish both at the same time, but in some situations you have to choose between the two. This video details the considerations and compromises that must be made for UX & SEO to coexist in harmony.

5. 5 Steps to Start Harnessing the Power of Testimonials— Social Media Today

In the B2B sphere, 94% of professionals consider UGC (user generated content, like case studies, testimonials, and customer videos) as “extremely effective” or “very effective.” Social proof is powerful, and will directly help you increase your sales. Here are five ways to take advantage of the power of social proof.

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