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3 Ways to Help Top Salespeople Perform at Their Best


Recently I went to my daughter’s last soccer game of the season and it was thrilling to see how much the girls have grown in the past year. They are a talented group with a couple of great coaches who have helped them develop their talent. 

The day of the game, their moves on the field were impressive. They were superstars, but I noticed during halftime that despite incredible talent on the field, one of the girls needed help tying her shoes. Without hesitation, her coach bent down and tied them. This same child dribbled the ball around everyone and scored twice against a great defense, but she still needed some very basic help from her coach before she could get back in the game.   

Sometimes you have to tie shoelaces to be a good coach!  

It immediately made me think about coaching a talented sales team. 

Their strengths are impressive. The more you coach them, the more they grow, but each one of them may need very specific support and coaching in order to perform at their best.

How do you get even more out of your top performers?

  1. Work to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Think about what they do well, and what they struggle with. Allow them to spend the majority of their time on their talents, and help them manage what gets in their way. 
  2. Ask about their personal goals and what is most motivating them so you can reward them in a way that feels meaningful to them.
  3. Create the kind of atmosphere in which they work best and determine what type of relationship they need from you in order to be successful. Do they need a lot of one-on-one time? Do they like more elbow room? Ask how you can support them.

Help your superstars perform better in the field by knowing what each person needs from you in order to be successful. Then tailor your coaching, recognition, and support based on what you learn about each one.

It may not be as simple as tying shoes on the sideline, but customizing your coaching to each individual salesperson can make a big difference and help them win the game.  

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