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4 Things to Celebrate This 4th of July

4th_of_julyThe 4th of July is a great holiday. Think about it. It's a holiday that involves spending time with people you love, eating food fresh off the barbecue, and, if you're lucky, going swimming in the nearest body of water. There's very little in the way of expectation in terms of gifts (at least, nothing beyond a six pack or some coleslaw) and everyone is generally in good spirits.

Which got me thinking. There's a lot to celebrate this 4th of July.

Some of the things we're celebrating this 4th of July include:

1. Freedom

Our Founding Fathers fought for our nation's independence while wearing wool (and wigs!) in July. Today, we're connected to each other through the power of technology. We can meet with anyone, anywhere, virtually. We can work from any location. Technology frees us from commuting as well as ensures we can communicate more efficiently. Today, too, we can celebrate freedom from technology. So, put down the phone, step away from the computer, and get offline.

2. Loved Ones

The long weekend means we get to take time with the people who matter most to us: our family and close friends. Enjoying a long weekend with your favorite people lets you appreciate why you work so hard the rest of the year. Make the effort to ensure the time you spend with family is quality time.

3. Down Time

When was the last time you got a chance to relax? Maybe sat down with a cup of coffee and a nice book? Make time for down time this weekend! Your body and mind will thank you, and in a few days, you can head back into work refreshed and re-energized.

4. The American Spirit

I'm constantly amazed and inspired by innovators, past and present. Our founding fathers created a government where there wasn't one, and though it has its flaws, it has held up over the last 238 years. Now, we see innovators doing the same things in new spaces. Social media and the internet have replaced phone books and directories. Inbound marketing is new, and already one of the most effective forms of marketing. Blogs are far more interesting than fliers sent through the mail. It's exciting to see what might be next!

It's nice to spend part of a holiday reflecting on what you have. Be well, rest up, and we'll see you next week!

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