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April Fools! Our Best Pranks

April-foolsToday is April Fool's day, which means you should not believe anything anyone tells you today. Get your guard up! We don't have any fake news for you today, but we do have stories of our best pranks from around the office.

Dani Buckley, Inbound Marketing Consultant:

One year, I spent the afternoon convincing my friend that I was having an affair with a colleague. I even convinced her to give me a ride to the motel before telling her it was all a joke.

Tirzah Thornburg, Talent Analyst:

I worked in a doctor’s office a long time ago. Our boss was a male doctor, but all his staff were young, female, and married. On April Fool's day, we decided to scare him into thinking several of us were pregnant all at once. So we left a few post-it notes scattered around the office that said “Laura, call your OB, they said its positive!” and stuff like that. By the end of the day, he calls us all into his office and says, “we need to talk.  Does anyone have something they want to tell me?” And we all cracked up and yelled April Fools.  He thought it was funny once he stopped hyperventilating.

Tina Rice, Course Keeper:

As a kid, I liked to wrap rubber bands around the spray nozzle at the kitchen sink. Every time someone turned on the water, they'd get sprayed in the chest.

Emily Estey, VP/Senior Consultant:

I love raspberry cream-filled donuts from Krispy Kreme. Last year, my husband took the kids to Krispy Kreme where they got donuts. Unbeknownst to me, they'd swapped my favorite filling with mustard. I took a huge bite out of it, and everyone erupted in fits of giggles. They thought they were hilarious.

Brian Tomasetti, Content Team Designer:

As a kid, with a few of my friends, I stole a rock garden and wooden windmill out of a neighbor's front yard. We took it up the street and set it back up in another guy's front yard as close to the way it was in the first guy's lawn. We then waited until morning. With warm coffee mugs in hand, a bright prospect of the future, and a clap on our own backs for ingenuity, we sat back and watched as urban comedy ensued. They never caught on that it was 04-01.

Do you have a story like this? If you're as gullible as I am, you'll want to read on.

How Not to Get Fooled This April Fool's Day

  • Trust no one. The people you see today might look like your friends, colleagues, and family, but today, they're not. They're not on your team today. Hint: the more innocent they look, the less they can be trusted.
  • Use a sticky note. Write down today’s date. Stick it to your monitor so you don’t forget. Because you’ll let your guard down, and forget that those people aren’t your friends today, and you’ll see something that looks out of place. As soon as you do, look at the note.
  • Stay off social media. If ever there were a place for shenanigans, it’s Facebook and Twitter. Resist the temptation to check to see what’s going on.
  • In fact, don’t let anyone tell you news today. Good or bad, they’re probably not telling the truth.
  • Go on the offense. It’s a battle! Prank your coworkers. Change your spouse’s ringtone and call while he’s in a meeting. Switch the sugar for salt. The coffee for decaf. Just remember, whatever you do to someone, you’ll get done to you.

Have fun! It’s not too late to get a dozen mustard donuts for YOUR office.

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