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How to Transform Your Boring PowerPoint Presentation

transform_your_powerpoint_presentationsThis was another great week in terms of engaging content. We found a lot that made us think.

Here are the five articles that piqued our interest:

1. Before & After PowerPoint Presentations {SlideShare}

I love this visual representation of slideshows. The transformation from title and bullets to a more visually pleasing look is astounding.

2. Why You Should Care About Holocracy {First Round}

The term holacracy caught my eye. When I read this I thought about some of the better managers I work with right now. They tend to follow this principle of dispering control and ownership so it doesn’t all reside with them.

3. How to Be More Resilient When Things Get Tough {Inc}

Stay prepared, master your emotions, reward the small wins, and keep giving.

4. Make More Money at the Car Dealership by Adding Value {Marketing Mind}

Don't negotiate on price, otherwise, you risk becoming a commodity. Instead, create a Valid Business Reason and approach the prospect with their needs in mind.

5. The Secret to Never Being Frustrated Again {Barking Up the Wrong Tree}

I read this on Monday, and have implemented it six times already this week. Things happen. They do not happen to you. This is an excellent read.

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