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How to Keep from Being a Buzzkill Boss

freelance-writers-help-with-contentThis was another great week in terms of content. We found a lot to love.

Here are the five articles that piqued our interest:

1. The Buzzkill Boss {strategy+business}

How can you avoid being a buzzkill boss? It's easy -- have a more rewarding home life. According to a study, when leaders feel a work-life imbalance, they're more likely to feel exhausted and cynical on the job.

2. Mozart on Creativity, and the Ideation Process {Brain Pickings}

Mozart writes about the creative process, flow, and how his music sounds uniquely his the same way his nose is hooked in its own way.

3. What Coke Can Teach McDonald's About Love {IMG}

This is a great example that reminds us to love people they way they want to, not the way we want to. Complete with Super Bowl ad examples.

4. 24% of Consumers Have More Credit Card Debt Than Savings {The Marketing Mind}

An additional 13% say they don't have credit card debt, but they don't have any savings. That means, despite other great economic indicators, not everyone is in the position to spend.

5. Almost Half of Young Mobile Phone Users Compare Prices in Store {Marketing Charts}

This is fascinating, and an indication of where we're headed: phones are quickly becoming the new coupons.

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