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Get More Done by Focusing Less on Work

planning-for-successWhat an excellent week! 

Here are the five articles that piqued our interest:

1. Get More Done by Focusing Less on Work {From Harvard Business Review}

This was fascinating. And completely counterintuitive. Get more accomplished at work by spending more time with your family, not thinking about work. The idea is that increasing your hours at work doesn't actually help you get more done. So, if instead, you're spending less time at the office, you'll find more efficient ways to do your projects.

2. 23 Productivity Hacks {From Huffington Post}

Now that we're spending fewer hours at work, let's make them count. Turn off alerts, exercise in the morning, drink plenty of water, stop with perfectionism, and declutter your desk are among the productivity hacks Inc. magazine writes on Huffington Post.

3. The Uber Driver Who Makes $250,000 a Year {From Forbes}

This article tells the story of a jewelry designer who never makes cold calls. Instead, he uses Uber, the car service where people are interested in learning about their drivers, as a mobile showroom. It's the best sales story we've seen in a long time.

4. Fast Food Sees Competition from ... Gas Stations? {From The Marketing Mind}

Gas station convenience stores are offering more options for diners looking for a quick bite. What does this mean for fast food? 

5. A Success Story, With a $435,000 Check {From The Lean Startup}

This story was so interesting, about the beginning of Krave Jerky (which was just purchased by Hershey for $200 million). The owners of Krave Jerky were in The Lean Startup's course, and they didn't follow the homework directions.

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