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Weekly Roundup: Good Onboarding Leads To Better Employee Retention, Grow Your Local Brand As A Media Company + More

Good Onboarding Leads To Better Employee Retention, Grow Your Local Brand As A Media Company


"Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going."

-Sam Levenson


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Why Good Onboarding Leads To Better Employee Retention TinyPulse

The process of hiring and retaining employees is never easy. Hiring can be a rigorous, time-consuming endeavor that kicks off when a company publicizes its various job openings, and then ceases after a suitable candidate has been selected, vetted, and hired.

Naturally a newly-hired employee may feel out of place during the first few weeks of employment. It’s not uncommon to hear someone has submitted their resignation letter just months into the job.

Companies can put special structures in place to acclimate their new employees and help them feel more involved and part of a caring team. Employee onboarding is a crucial process that all organizations should implement to ensure that newly-hired talents not only feel comfortable, but also become content and productive in their roles. >>> READ MORE

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Improving Sales Performance | Targeting a Vertical Market

large-ISP_Ep.18__ COVER

Vertical targeting is one of the most effective ways to capture a focused, intent-driven audience. You can use specific messaging tailored for that segment and curate the content to cater to your target market’s unique needs and interests.

In this episode of Improving Sales Performance, John Matthews, President and CEO of Gray Cat Enterprises, Inc., shares his insight on targeting a vertical market to improve an organization's sales performance.

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Why Your Salespeople Need a Cold Calling Playlist (Playlist Included)

cold calling playlist

Scientists say music changes mood, motivation, cognitive processing, and the ability to retain information. Additionally, music just makes work more fun and time fly!  

Setting appointments is a common problem — in fact, the 2020 Media Sales Report found that 80% of sales managers find it harder today than just 5 years ago. Listening to music is just one small motivator that will help get the job done.

Effective sales prospecting is one of the most challenging — and most important —parts of the sales process. Getting it wrong means wasted time and frustration. Getting it right means a healthier pipeline and better performance.

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If You Forget About Lead Gen, You Can Forget About Growth

lead generation for sales growth

This article was originally published on Entrepreneur.com.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you buy weak leads from a questionable source? New York City real estate broker Nathan Horne almost found out.

Like the thousands of professionals in his industry who collectively spent $10.5 billion on advertising in 2017, his employer, The Corcoran Group, focused on branding instead of strategic lead generation. So, when Horne called someone he thought was a hot lead, he got the surprise of his life. Instead of a potential buyer, the police detective who answered the phone made a veiled threat about having a gun and being willing to use it.

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Sales Calendar: 3 Reasons You Need One

Why you need a sales calendar

You mean well. You want to do it better this year. But, somehow every year, it gets away from you. 

We all have good intentions each year to do a better job planning, selling, and tracking all of the major sales opportunities for our organization. This is why you really need to start planning using a sales calendar.

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Weekly Roundup: Sales Coaching Tips, How Culture Impacts Your Bottom Line + More

sales coahing tips


"Quality performance starts with a positive attitude."

-Jeffery Gitomer


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25 Expert Sales Coaching Tips and Techniques to Amplify Close Rates Close

Sales coaching is just one cog in the day-to-day life of a sales manager. But in between setting quota and goals, keeping the team motivated, measuring results, and forecasting future sales, how can you as a sales manager make sure you’re also coaching your team effectively?

We’re about to dive into 25 of the best sales coaching tips and techniques for managers to live by. These techniques will help you build a better strategy, onboard faster, coach low-performers and all-stars, and set goals that your team can reach. >>> READ MORE

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Improving Sales Performance | Executive Leadership Tips for Building a Successful Sales Culture

ISP 17 Elissa-2

What are some common obstacles that stand in the way of a successful sales culture? And how should sales organizations use social media to help drive revenue?

These questions and more were answered in Episode 17 of the Improving Sales Performance series. In case you missed the Live broadcast, here’s a breakdown of Elissa Nauful’s, Digital Media, Marketing and Social Advisor, insights for executive leaders who want to build a successful sales culture.

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The 3 Ds of Time Management

Trey - VLOG - 3 D


It’s no secret time management is one of the highest requirements for succeeding in sales. Consistent questions heard within the industry are, “What are some ways I can improve my time management?” and “How can I be more efficient?”

There are a multitude of strategies to help us be more productive, but they can be difficult to adopt because they force us to go against routines we’ve had for years. If you struggle with habit-changing productivity tips, such as going to bed with an empty inbox, check out this system that works for many.

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Virtual Selling is Here to Stay (Statistics That Prove It)

Virtual Selling is Here to Stay

The most successful and resilient organizations have adapted to all things virtual — including events and learning, talent acquisition, as well as their sales strategy.

What has the data and trends from the past year shown sales leaders?

That virtual selling is here to stay. Companies of all sizes, across multiple industries, have proven that virtual selling isn’t just for certain sectors or digitally native businesses. In fact, sectors that relied on door-to-door sales prior to the pandemic are now finding opportunities in new markets, connecting with buyers on new levels, and growing business globally.

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4 Key Steps to Pre-Boarding New Hires

4 Key Steps to Pre-Boarding New Hires

Google the phrase “Pre-Boarding a new hire” and over 8 Million results appear in .66 seconds. Your top results are ads with On-Boarding check lists, software, and packets. So, what is pre-boarding?

Harver.com describes pre-boarding as “whatever process your company has up and running when the candidate accepts their job offer, right the way through to their first actual day working for you. The focus should be preparing your new hire and drumming up some excitement as their first day approaches.”

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