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Weekly Roundup: Great Visionaries, Signs You're a High Achiever + More

Visionary Leaders, Signs youre a high achiever


"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

- Warren Buffet


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Great Visionaries Use Decade Thinking To Achieve Great Success — And You Can Too Forbes

Decade thinking can be a game-changer for your life and your business.

A new decade just began. How much time did you give to pondering the decade ahead? Are we better or worse off for not pausing to ponder the new decade and all its possibilities? I'd say considerably worse off.

Here’s why: The period of time we think most about has an enormous impact on our lives. >>> READ MORE

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Track These 4 Activities to Help Your Salespeople Grow Their Sales Performance

sales-manager-help-salespeople-through-sales-processAs a sales manager, how often do you struggle with the line between being a supportive and understanding manager, and holding your sales team accountable?

After hearing excuse after excuse about why so-and-so wasn't going to buy such-and-such, you throw your hands up and ask yourself, "If all of this feels so out of my control, what is in my control? What can I focus my team on that ensures we win where we need to win?"

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Improving Sales Performance — IMPACT Your Sales Performance: Performance Tracking


How many performance metrics are you currently tracking? How many should you track?

We can all agree that measurement improves performance, and it’s essential to success. But you can’t keep changing the rules of the game. Performance improvement comes only when we focus on the same metrics over time. We need to follow the right measurements and stay focused.

In this episode, Matt Kiger, Regional Vice President at Townsquare Media, discusses how sales leaders can make an IMPACT on their sales performance through performance tracking.

Tune in now or keep reading for a brief overview!

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Are You Settling for Less in Your Sales Prospecting?

Are You Settling for Less in Your Sales Prospecting

Many believe prospecting for new clients is the most difficult stage in the sales process.

Working at the top of the funnel is certainly filled with more rejection and dead ends than you’ll encounter once you connect and are into the discovery and advise stages.

With all the challenges in the early part of the sales process, it’s not surprising that many salespeople settle for less than desirable new accounts. These accounts often ending up spending less and wanting more. They may not be the best product fit, their results are mediocre, and they doubt the effectiveness of your solutions. They take precious time away from working with more ideal targets and key accounts. And they can suck the life out of your passion for being in sales.

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Leadership Development–Developing Managers Into Leaders

Leadership Development

Promoting someone to a manager doesn't make them a leader.

While managers have power, they too often lack the skills to use that power effectively. What you want is a strong sales leader, but how do you get there?

That question is why we've written this guide to people management and leadership development. We'll review the core difference between a manager and a true leader and how to train managers to get there.

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Weekly Roundup: Outdated Sales Techniques, Retain Top Talent + More

Outdated Sales Techniques


"Lightning makes no sound until it strikes.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.


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It’s Time to Ditch these Outdated Sales Techniques LinkedIn

If a salesperson from 20 years ago suddenly showed up in a DeLorean and tried to dive right back into the art of selling today as they knew it back then, they wouldn't be likely to have much success.

Not only has the rise of the internet and digital transformation changed the mechanics of buyer/seller interactions, but also the very fundamentals that drive them. Increasing vendor competition and access to information over the past two decades have placed buyers in control, meaning that the same sales tactics of yesteryear for outreach and engagement will fall on deaf ears here in the 2020s.

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Improving Sales Performance — IMPACT Your Sales Performance: Pipeline Management


As a sales manager, how much better would your life be if you had access to better forecast accuracy and improved sales performance?

In this episode of the Improving Sales Performance series, Trey Morris, VP / Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy, discussed how sales leaders can make an IMPACT on their sales performance through effective pipeline management.

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Positive Feedback Examples (And a Few Negative Ones Too)

Positive Feedback Examples

Imagine this scenario: You’re managing a seller who is excellent at developing close relationships with their clients, but you’ve noticed they've been running late to several prospecting meetings in recent weeks. You want them to be on time for their meetings and are preparing to give them feedback on this issue. 

Which style of feedback do you think would motivate them to be more punctual? 

Option 1: “You are so good at connecting; I bet you could utilize the 5-10 minutes before your meeting starts to get to know your clients on a more personal level. What do you think?” 

Option 2: “Don’t be late for meetings; it’s unprofessional.” 

Most of us can agree that Option 1 is likely to feel better for both the manager and the seller, but will using this style of positive feedback lead to more on-time meetings?  

The answer? Yes, absolutely.

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5 Reasons Managers Struggle to Develop Consistent Revenue

5 Reasons Managers Struggle to Develop Consistent Revenue

Driving, maintaining, and developing consistent revenue growth is a top concern in every organization.

Taking care of employees, meeting goals, trying to exceed goals, and keeping your business afloat during challenging times is a lot to manage. If your revenue growth remains stagnant or worse, slows down it's easy to lose focus and start panicking.

If you're struggling to develop consistent revenue, this article is for you.

9 Sales Leadership Qualities to Look for in Top Performers

9 Sales Leadership Qualities to Look for in Top Performers

Recruiting top-performing sales leadership for your organization is harder than ever. The quality of the sales organization is directly associated with the quality of sales leadership.

When looking for top-performing sales leaders, you can’t just look for great salespeople. You need someone who can coach, go in the field, watch, and understand the sales process. Here are nine qualities to consider when you’re evaluating sales management talent. 

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