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Matt Sunshine to Speak at INBOUND 2016 on How to Find and Keep the Best Sales Reps

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In just a couple of weeks, the LeadG2 team will be heading to Boston for INBOUND 2016—the yearly marketing conference hosted by HubSpot. As a Platinum Partner of Hubspot, we appreciate how HubSpot continues to lead the industry in research studies, thought leadership, and educating marketers. We learn so much each year at the conference.

Over four days, five keynotes, and hundreds of workshop sessions, we’ll be increasing our knowledge so we can better help our clients, and we’re looking forward to that! 

We're excited to announce that Matt Sunshine will be speaking at INBOUND 2016! 

Our very own Matt Sunshine will be presenting a workshop titled How to Find and Keep the Best Sales Reps! In his session, attendees will hear insider tips on where to find their next superstar seller, and learn how to build and maintain a strong talent bank so they are never left short-handed. They'll hear expert advice on how to think beyond their candidates' resumes to truly understand potential for performance. And they'll learn the specific behaviors that are scientifically proven to lead to B2B sales success. 

Here are a few of the workshops we’ll be attending:

  • Where Does Social Selling Fit in the Buyer's Journey?

  • Bust Through LinkedIn Lead Generation Myths and Crush Your Social Sales!

  • Why You're Using LinkedIn Wrong and Other Social Selling Secrets

  • Experience the power of HubSpot Leads

  • What Sales Winners Do Differently: Turning Inbound Leads into Sales Wins

  • Demystifying CRO: A Beginner’s Guide To CRO For Low Traffic B2B Websites

  • Evolve Your Content Strategy with HubSpot

  • You Are Your Content: The Future of Content Marketing

  • Amplifying Inbound

  • 3 Things Sales Leaders Desperately Need… But Don’t Get

  • The Story is in the Data: How Sales Teams Should Leverage Data for Strategic Storytelling

  • Take Your Conversion Rate Optimization Program to the Next Level to Drive Leads 

  • Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing: How to Marry Marketing Automation with Social Advertising for B2B

While we’re there, we’ll be Tweeting, and sharing on LinkedIn and Facebook, so be sure to check it out. 

And if you’re going to be at INBOUND 2016, let us know! We’d love to connect!

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