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Sales Strategy: Find the True Need, Not Just a Nuisance

need_or_nuisanceWe all know the goal of a needs analysis is to uncover a need the customer has… not just fill-up a precious appointment with a long list of questions. But when a need first reveals itself during the client needs analysis, should you change course and immediately pursue the revenue opportunity that first need might represent? 

Not so fast.

The second phase of an hourglass needs analysis is where you should scan for a wide range of possible needs… so you can distinguish the needs that are true priorities, from those which might be merely an irritation to your prospect. That’s an important thing to remember. Because if you go chasing after details on a need that is not much more than an annoyance to the prospect, you’re likely to only be granted an annoyingly small budget. If you can land on a need that is more priority—with the help of your prospect—you’re more likely to gain access to a substantial, strategic budget.

People often spend money when they have a need.  But they’re more likely to spend big when that need revolves around a priority to their company.

Capture the True Needs
By the way… don’t forget the helpful needs/notes approach to capturing your prospects’ remarks during the needs analysis. This simple notes page helps you “sort on the fly” what is important and what is not… and includes some handy graphics at the bottom of the page to help you determine which phase of the client needs analysis you are in.  


There is no tool more important than the Needs Analysis Record to help guide you through uncovering true client needs.  

Free Download: Needs Analysis Record Worksheet




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