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Selling to the Modern B2B Buyer + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, so today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. Selling to the Modern B2B Buyer — Salesforce

The ever-evolving B2B selling space and increasingly complex sales process present new challenges for B2B sales teams. In order to remain competitive and hit revenue goals, it is critical that sales reps understand the shifting landscape, why these changes are happening, and how to sell to the modern B2B buyer. Here are five factors that influence B2B buyer behavior and steps you can take to more effectively sell to the 21st-century B2B buyer and drive bottom-line results.

2. The Content Junkyard (and Why So Many Articles Fail)— Copyblogger

Whether you're doing content marketing or writing thought-leadership articles for industry publications (or both), you've probably created some pieces you're proud of and some you're not so proud of. Successful articles are the result of a process, not something that can be knocked out in 15 minutes. This post outlines a simple-to-follow plan that will help you write better.

3. 8 Ground Rules for Great Meetings — HBR

Tired of meetings that waste time and go nowhere? You need to establish ground rules. This article goes beyond the basics to suggest behavioral ground rules based on research that will help you improve your meetings.

4. Sharing Sales Fails: How to Hold an Effective Postmortem — HubSpot

When a sales call goes wrong, we often want to beat ourselves up about it (or if you're a manager, be too harsh on your salesperson!). But what happens after a bad sales call can mean the difference between future success or continued failure. Here's how to conduct a postmortem that ensures missteps won't happen again.

5. It’s a New World — Is Your Email Marketing up to Speed? — Adobe Digital Marketing Blog

Today’s customers want highly personalized, contextually relevant, real-time experiences, or they are happy to move on and go to your competitor instead. You have precious little time to capture their attention. “Batch and blast” has diminishing returns. To acquire and nurture new customers, email marketing must acknowledge the full customer experience and become a more strategic part of the marketing mix. How can we begin evolving our methods to ensure email remains the cash cow it has earned the right to be called but without driving away customers through unsubscribes? Here are a few ideas. 

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