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Start at the Top, It Makes the Climb Easier


Salespeople who have mastered the art of “Big Game Hunting” start at the perceived top of the mountain. Too many salespeople start at the bottom—and stay there. Why can’t you call or email a CEO or CMO with a very Valid Business Reason? Why don’t you suggest a time to meet to pursue ideas that may possibly help their company/organization/mission achieve their current marketing objectives? You can!

What stops most salespeople is the start. They limit their own opportunities by being ill-prepared with a truly Valid Business Reason and with lack of confidence to reach higher. Unpreparedness has that effect. Let’s look at the Valid Business Reason which is the key to engaging your prospect: the reason that gets the target’s attention on why they should want to meet with you—not why you want to meet with them. See the difference?

Why Should the Prospect Meet With You?

The reason the prospect wants to meet with you is because you are credible and that credibility stems from doing your due diligence. What have you learned from your research, your “inside coach”, industry news, or LinkedIn? What have you discovered about their current marketing strategy, changes in their industry, latest trends and corporate social responsibility goals? That’s what staring at the top means. Being “on top” of what your prospect is doing and what he or she might need in the future. Believing in your ability to advance ideas that can support the success of any company or organization where your company’s assets are a great fit. Believing that you can comfortably talk with the highest decision makers.

There is a “special sauce”, a recipe for success, in achieving this goal. Individuals can have varying amounts of these ingredients and still be successful. 


PROSPECTING – This is a critical ingredient, and without it the soufflé will collapse and you will have wasted your time. Identify the most qualified prospects for your product and services and identify the top decision makers.

PREPARATION – Do your homework through research on everything you can learn about this prospect.

CONFIDENCE – Sales is a transfer of confidence. Believe in yourself and your value.

COMMAND – This comes with confidence and fosters credibility.

COURAGE – Can’t have enough of this. Throw your shoulders back and forge ahead.

COMMITMENT – Stick-to-it-iveness—don’t give up—do you have the fortitude and the drive to break through and cross the finish line?

MEMORABILITY – Create your own brand—stand out, be credible and trusted.

AUTHENTICITY – Are you perceived as being sincere and trustworthy?

RELIABILITY – Do what you say you will do—no empty promises.

ENERGY & ENTHUSIAM – Nothing is more engaging and contagious.

IDEAS – Ideas, not product pitches, sell. Products can make the ideas come alive.

Take your foot off the brake and step on the gas. You will make it to the top faster.

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