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This Is How To Actually Work Smarter, Not Harder + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1.This Is How To Actually Work Smarter, Not Harder — Fast Company

Here are eight unexpected (and counterintuitive) ways to squeeze more out of your workday.

2. 16 "Thank You in Advance" Alternatives That Are Far More Polite — HubSpot

Most people view “thank you in advance,” as essentially taking away their right to say no. And it can also seem like you can’t bother to follow up with a “thank you” after they’ve obliged you, so you’re just going to say it now. Instead of writing “thank you in advance,” try these 16 other ways to say it.

3. The 3 Easiest Link Building Tactics Any Website Can Use to Acquire Their First 50 Links — Moz

Without a solid base of links, your site won't be competitive in the SERPs — even if you do everything else right. But building your first few links can be difficult and discouraging, especially for new websites. This video shares three relatively quick, easy, and tool-free (read: actually free) methods to build that solid base and earn yourself links.

4. LinkedIn Marketing: What the Latest Research Reveals — Social Media Examiner

Are you wondering if LinkedIn is worth your time? In this article, you’ll discover new research insights that reveal what content performs best on LinkedIn, which industries use the platform today, and how marketers are planning to move forward.

5. Blog Metrics: Why You Need to Stop Focusing on ‘Vanity’ StatsProBlogger

While having lots of page views, sessions, fans, followers and even email subscribers may feel good, they don’t actually tell you anything about the health of your blog. Here's what to measure instead.

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