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Weekly Roundup: Staff Reduction, Embracing Distributed Sales Teams + More

Staff Reduction, Embracing Distributed Sales Teams


"Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or worse."

-Simon Sinek


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COVID Caution: Staff Reduction in the Pandemic-era–CEOWORLD Magazine

A glimmer of hope flashed when the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported U.S. job losses in May were in line with the months preceding the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, that hopeful glimmer is flickering. COVID-19 infection rates surged in July, reintroducing restrictions that had been eased in most states. Paycheck Protection Program loans and consumer spending are just two factors are expected to constrain hiring and instead prompt staff cuts.

In these circumstances, it is understandable that CEOs are considering staff reductions either by way of furloughs, layoffs or firings. Sometimes staff adjustments are necessary to manage costs and production to match declines in customer demand. CEOs must weigh many risks to achieve tangible benefits that can result from taking action. As they do, there are four important considerations that do not appear on a balance sheet that can have outsized impacts for long-term success.>>>READ MORE

It's Time to Embrace Distributed Sales Teams– PermanentlyBuiltin

Is it time to embrace the “new normal?”

That’s the question Sprout Social VP of Sales Ryan Barretto and other sales leaders at the company have been grappling with as they think about the future of their sales team. Like many tech companies, the social media management firm had built an office-based sales team. The assumption was that sales reps needed the office — and each other — to stay motivated and thrive. But the pandemic has forced the company to question that assumption. 

After all, if the sales team already sells remotely, implements and onboards its platform remotely and hasn’t missed a beat using tools like Zoom and Slack to communicate, why exactly did they need to show up to the same office every day? >>> READ MORE

5 Ways to Beat Zoom Fatigue–Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt that satisfying relief when you finish the last Zoom call of the day, then suddenly wonder: why am I so exhausted? What you’re experiencing is not anything out of the ordinary or different from what millions of other people within the WFH (work from home) workforce are also feeling; it’s called Zoom fatigue, and no one is immune to it.

With the introduction of virtual tools to assist with telecommuting, Zoom fatigue is something many are currently fighting during the COVID-19 crisis.>>> READ MORE

The Ultimate Guide to Managing and Hitting Quotas with a Remote Sales Team–HubSpot

Remote work is the new normal for many professionals, and salespeople are being tasked with meeting and exceeding their sales quotas while making a swift transition to working from home.

Stellar sales work is possible outside of a traditional company office. As a sales manager, it is important to lead your remote team with the intention of helping them reach their goals while adjusting to a new way to work.

Depending on how your team is used to working, you may need to make some changes to your management approach to set your team up for success.>>> READ MORE


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