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Weekly Roundup: Video Sales Letters, Win in Uncertain Markets + More

Video Sales Letters, Win in Uncertain Markets


"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."

-Peter Drucker


<< If you only read one thing >>

You Should be Using Video Sales Letters Instead of Emails–Sales Fuel

Which would you rather do: Read a letter or watch a short video?
You probably agree with most people and would choose the video, right? It’s just easier that way. A video is visually stimulating, easier to digest, and takes all the work out of receiving a message. So, why are you still sending sales emails instead of video sales letters? >>> READ MORE

How Sales Leaders go to Market and Win in the Most Uncertain Market Ever–Outreach

Sales leaders face a crucial double-challenge: They must accelerate efforts to modernize their teams and systems with emerging digital technologies and tools — while keeping their salesforce motivated and engaged during a global pandemic.

In short, they need to pick up the pace with go-to-market strategy during one of the toughest markets ever. >>>READ MORE

The 37 Sales KPIs Every Sales Leader Should Be MeasuringDatabox

If you want to grow your sales team, increase your revenue, and beat out the competition, you need to understand data. Simple as that. Whether you’re a sales manager trying to motivate your team, or a sales rep aiming for a promotion, you need to understand which sales KPIs and metrics to track, why they matter to your company, and how to use them correctly.

In this guide, 41 sales pros recommend 37 unique sales KPIs and metrics you can use to track and measure your sales performance. Since KPIs are never one-size-fits-all, this post aims to inspire you and help you make smarter decisions for your sales organization. >>>READ MORE

The Mock Call: An Exercise to Take Sales Reps to the Next LevelHubSpot

As a salesperson, you don't want to go into a call blindly — especially if you're newer to the game. You want to have your feet beneath you to set yourself up for success. And as a sales manager, you want to do everything in your power to put your reps in that position.

That's why mock calls — practice calls conducted by sales managers — are so crucial. They provide a forum for reps to understand what's to come and how to appropriately handle common issues as they arise. >>> READ MORE


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