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Weekly Wrap Up: What We Wrote, and What We Read: June 2-5

This week's posts went in a variety of directions. Although the posts varied wildly in topic (we had everything from lions to McDonald's to Pete Carrol!), they all related to looking out at the world around us to look inward. You'll see what I mean below.

The Center for Sales Strategy Weekly Wrap-Up

  • On Monday, Dana Bojcic wrote about how an injury turned her son into a caged lion, and warned managers not to cage the lions on their team. Are you caging your lions? Are you a lion that need
  • On Tuesday, Mike Anderson told us the common connection between McDonald's, Mercedes, and you, which was a post about professional branding. Your brand is the thought that comes to mind when someone says your name.


  • Wednesday, we got a lesson in coaching from Emily Estey, who really admires Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. You can draft amazing talent, but that's only the first step. How you coach them matters.
  • On Thursday, Brittany Ransonet asked (and answered!) a question that leaves a lot of people stumped: how am I supposed to know which keywords to go after? Her solution: don't complicate things, think like your target persona, and find out which questions people are asking.

This Week's Top Reads from Around the Web

We love to read and watch great content at least as much as we like generating it, so here are the posts that caught our eye this week:

What have you read recently that resonated with you? What have you written recently that resonated with your audience? Let us know, we'd love to share it!

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