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10 Strategies for Getting B2B Salespeople Up and Running Quickly

10 Strategies for Getting B2B Salespeople Up and Running Quickly

In today's competitive B2B sales environment, it's more important than ever to have a strong sales team that can close deals quickly. But hiring and training new salespeople can be a costly and time-consuming process.

That's why getting new salespeople up and running quickly is so important.

Here are 10 strategies for getting B2B salespeople up and running quickly.

10 Ways To Get Salespeople Up and Running

1. Start with a clear onboarding plan

Your onboarding plan should outline the specific steps that new salespeople will take to get up and running. This plan should include everything from setting expectations to providing training to tracking progress.

Developing Elite Employees Starts with an Elite Onboarding Process

2. Provide comprehensive training

New salespeople need to be trained on your company's products or services, your sales process, and your CRM system. This training should be comprehensive and hands-on.

3. Emphasize the importance of relationship building

In B2B sales, relationships are key. Make sure your new salespeople understand the importance of building relationships with potential customers.

4. Use technology to your advantage

There are several sales technologies that can help new salespeople get up and running quickly. These technologies can help with lead generation, prospecting, and tracking progress.

5. Set realistic goals

Don't expect new salespeople to hit their quotas right away. Set realistic goals for them so that they can build their confidence and start closing deals.

The Best New Hire Gift: Clear Expectations + Realistic Goals

6. Provide regular feedback

Feedback is essential for helping new salespeople improve their skills. Make sure you provide them with regular feedback on their performance.

7. Celebrate successes

When new salespeople achieve their goals, be sure to celebrate their successes. This will help them stay motivated and engaged.

8. Provide ongoing support

Even after new salespeople are up and running, it's important to provide them with ongoing support. This could involve regular check-ins, coaching, and training.

9. Encourage feedback

Ask new salespeople for feedback on their training, their experience, and your company's sales process. This feedback will help you improve your onboarding program and make it even more effective.

10. Be patient

It takes time for new salespeople to get up to speed. Be patient with them and provide them with the support they need to succeed.


Bringing new sales hires up to speed quickly is crucial for the success of any B2B organization. Following the strategies outlined in this post will help you accelerate your onboarding process so reps can start booking meetings and driving revenue sooner.

The faster you can get sales reps fully ramped up, the bigger impact they can have on hitting your revenue goals. Be sure to continually assess areas where onboarding could be streamlined or improved. With an optimized training program, you'll see new team members thriving in their roles in no time.

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