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The 5 Biggest Ways Technology Has Transformed Sales + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. The 5 Biggest Ways Technology Has Transformed Sales HubSpot

Modern salespeople have new tools, new techniques, and new resources at their disposal. And of course, they face new challenges. These changes require salespeople to adapt if they want to survive. This article explores the five biggest ways technology has transformed sales.

2. Give Your Team More-Effective Positive Feedback— Harvard Business Review

Research shows that one of the best ways to help employees thrive is to give them feedback. It’s one of the primary levers leaders have to increase a sense of learning and vitality. Offering positive feedback can generate wins for managers, too. High performers offer more positive feedback to peers; in fact, high-performing teams share nearly six times more positive feedback than average teams. This article shows you how to use positive feeback more effectively.

3. Why Modern Sales Leaders Are Like Olympic Coaches— Salesforce

Sales leaders should understand where leads come from, how they progress as opportunities through the sales cycle, and what it took to turn them into customers. Sales leaders can enable their team to succeed by providing them with defined activity goals and personal scorecards. Reps can track where they stand against their activity goals in real time, which drives focus and improves decision-making on where to spend their time. This post explains why you shouldn't simply rely on looking at results and instead dig into the data.

4. Create a Case Study that Converts [INFOGRAPHIC]— Unbounce

A case study is a compelling way to inject social proof into your marketing. And persuasive social proof can be just the thing to convince your prospects that they need what you’re offering. But how does one create a case study that provides social proof and ultimately wins you customers? This post explains.

5. 5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working — Wordstream

If you’re not yet seeing the return you’re looking for from your Facebook ads, start troubleshooting now. Here are five likely reasons why your Facebook ads are failing, along with helpful tips to get your campaigns on track.

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