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5 Tactics Smart Reps Use to Get Stalling Deals Over the Finish Line + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

15 Tactics Smart Reps Use to Get Stalling Deals Over the Finish Line — HubSpot

It’s the end of the month or quarter, and you’re running out of time to hit quota. A deal you were counting on to close is stalling. What do you do? Pressuring your prospect to buy before they’re ready is never wise, unless you want to lose their trust and potentially their business. But there are several non-manipulative ways to increase the buyer’s urgency, like these five ideas.

2. How to Conduct a Social Media Audit — Social Media Examiner

Wondering if your social media marketing efforts are paying off? Want to better understand what’s working and what's not? A social media audit will help you analyze the impact of your social media tactics. In this article, you’ll discover how to perform an audit of your social media channels.

3. What to Do When Your Buyers’ Journey Isn’t Linear (Hint: It Never Is) — Content Marketing Institute

Wouldn’t it be great if your prospects actually followed your neatly designed sales funnel or smartly outlined path to purchase? But honestly, you know they don’t (even if your content marketing strategy assumes they do). Though the buyer’s journey is non-linear, you can conquer it by creating content for the traditional stages in unexpected ways to create a content mix that gives buyers what they need even when you don’t know they need it.

4. Here’s How To Network When You Aren’t Sure What You Need — Fast Company

Networking is something that makes a lot of people cringe—and understandably so. But that’s more often the case when networking is an event—a ritual you perform every once in awhile. Practiced as part of a routine, it can be a lot more livable. The best time to network is not when you need something, but when you don’t actually have a specific ask in mind. Here’s why, and how to get better at networking when there’s no obvious need you’re trying to fulfill.

5. Quality Over Quantity: Repurpose Your Best Ideas and Distribute Them Far and Wide — Copyblogger

Your audience doesn't need more ideas. There are plenty of those floating around the Internet. What your audience needs (in fact, all that your audience needs) are your best ideas.

  • The ideas that cut through the crap and clutter to make a difference
  • The ideas you’ve thought through, spent time with, and sculpted
  • The ideas that are closer to finished products than initial impressions

And you should invest more time distributing these premium ideas further and wider, in different ways and in different places. Here's how.

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