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5 Ways to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

thought-leadershipWe've talked a lot about thought leadership, and what it means for you and your business. Positioning yourself as a thought leader will not only bring more people to your website, but it'll present you with new business opportunities, invitations to speak at conferences, and more.

But how exactly do you position yourself as a thought leader? I asked my colleagues, and here's what they had to say:

1. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

"I don't just mean join LinkedIn groups. I mean actively participate in group discussions. Be helpful."

-Matt Sunshine, Executive Vice President

2. Share Other People's Content

"If you like something that someone else wrote, share it on social media! If there's space, add a remark that shows that you actually read it and your key takeaways."

-John Henley, Chief Operating Officer

3. Tell a Story

"Tell a story about a problem you faced, the potential solutions you considered, the tactics you deployed, why you chose those tactics, and the result/impact of your decision."

-Dean Moothart, Director of Client Solutions

4. Ask Tough Questions

"These questions are meant to demonstrate your understanding of a situation as well as your willingness to help out."

-John Henley, Chief Operating Officer

5. Work Offline with Networking Groups

"Get to know the person in charge of programming for your local Chambers of Commerce, trade organizations, and marketing associations, and ask what kind of content their groups really appreciate. If there is any sought-after content that you would be capable of delivering well, offer to present on that topic.

Repeat the above, but focus on the person responsible for editing any newsletters, email publications or monthly periodicals these groups might publish.  Could you contribute an article? The best way to demonstrate that you are a thought leader is to demonstrate you are a thought leader. Actually do it.

An even better way to demonstrate your thought leadership is to re-contact any organization you have served in the past, and ask the person in charge (or the person who sought your participation) to craft a short note about how wonderful your content and presentation style was, and how you really helped the audience understand an issue better. Then ask them to paste those remarks into a recommendation on LinkedIn."

-Mike Anderson, Vice President of Consumer Insights and Communication

I thought those were five great ways to start positioning yourself as a thought leader. If you'd like to learn more, download our ebook: Two Dozen Ways Salespeople can Demonstrate Thought Leadership.

Two Dozen Ways B2B Salespeople Can Demonstrate Thought Leadership

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