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7 Ways Salespeople Can Improve Their Business Acumen + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. 7 Ways Salespeople Can Improve Their Business AcumenHubSpot

Many salespeople fail to create or win new opportunities because they don’t know enough about business. They mistakenly believe it’s enough to know their product or service and how to overcome objections. But successful salespeople understand business and offer valued insight to their clients. This article shows you how to improve your business acumen.

2. 7 Top-Performing Unbounce Marketing Emails to Copy, Paste & Customize — Unbounce

Need some inspiration for your marketing emails? This compilation of Unbounce's top-performing emails (based on engagement rates) is a treasure trove. 

3. 3 Free Tools to Help You Understand Your Online Audience — Social Media Today

You can't see results from your online marketing efforts unless you fully understand the people you're marketing to. Buyer personas, or fictional representations of your ideal customers, are notoriously difficult to build, so many marketers don't bother. Here are three technologies that make building customer personas a little easier.

4. Earning the Link: How to Pitch and Partner with the 5 Publisher Personas — Moz

To succeed with SEO, you need high quality links. But many publishers are using "nofollow" links now, which don't do you much good from an SEO standpoint. This article offers a few ways to overcome this challenge.

5. Want to Maximize Your Brain Power? Follow This 8-Step Method — Inc.

We live in a world of distraction, but science says we do our best work when we're focusing on one thing at a time. So, how do you change that? How can you maximize your brain power? This article shares insights.

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