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9 Ways You're Losing Your Prospects' Trust (and the Deal) + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, so today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

19 Ways You're Losing Your Prospects' Trust (and the Deal) HubSpot

Sales and trust. Not exactly two words today’s buyers think of as synonymous. According to HubSpot Research, only 3% of people consider salespeople trustworthy. Here are 9 ways to build trust with your prospect.

2. How To Make Your Voice Sound Better So People Will Actually Listen To You — FastCompany

Listening to some people is a treat. Even if they’re just introducing other speakers, reading passages at a wedding, or addressing a meeting, you want them to keep talking. If you want to learn how to make people want to listen to you, here are a few tips.

3. The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017 — Content Marketing Institute

Each year, Content Marketing Institute collects data from conversations, research studies, and reports, and puts together a list of trends in content marketing. This year's report has just been released.

4. The 3 Questions Customers Don't Ask That You Need to Answer — strategy + business

A company’s performance critically depends on its teams. And team performance, at every level, depends on the ability to accelerate — to operate at an increasing pace, doing in weeks what once took months, and doing in days what once took weeks. This article suggests five key skills that make up a team's "acceleration factor."

5. 7 Simple Life Hacks That Will Make You Smarter — Inc.

With enough motivation and determination, anyone can expand their mental capabilities and become smarter. Integrating these new habits into your regular routine and providing proper stimulation can sharpen your intellect quickly and leave you inspired to take on new challenges each day.

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