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3 Resources to Help Turn Sales Talent into Performance


Every sales manager has, at some point, come to realize that sales talent isn't enough to reach revenue goals. The key is to hire talented salespeople and then help them optimize their performance. 

These 3 resources will help you, as a manger, turn sales talent into performance.

1. Coaching Sales Talent 

The most important job of a sales manager is to develop each person on the team individually, holding distinct expectations for their performance that are tailored to their unique talents. In Coaching Sales Talent, we examine each of the talents that are most critical to success in B2B sales and review the specific strategies that are most effective in managing and growing your people.

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2. 4 Hot Topics in Managing Millennials

The Millennials were born after 1981, and in less than a decade, they will make up about half of the working-age population in this country. You need to understand their needs and how to manage them. In 4 Hot Topics in Managing Millennials you'll discover:

  • How to motivate this generation
  • Why "lack of motivation" might be something else entirely
  • How to develop and retain Millennials for the long-term
  • The perks that are most meaningful to them

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3. 30 Ways to Turn Talent Into Performance

These 30 actionable quick tips will give you ideas on how to get practical about turning talent into performance. Here's a sample of what you'll find in this resource:

  1. Give five thumbs up for every thumb down.
  2. Real coaching can’t happen in the office. Schedule field time first and cancel it last.
  3. In the field, focus less on the client and more on your salesperson—and the coaching he or she needs in order to grow. 
  4. It's hard to fill a bucket that’s leaking. Ensure your team is giving Key Accounts top priority.
  5. Never let your top performers stagnate. Keep them challenged and working toward their potential.

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Want to learn even more about how to turn sales talent into performance? Check out the training and services we offer!

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