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The Writing on the Wall


Several years ago, I was walking with my daughter through a memorial park like the one that might be found in almost any patriotic American city. Inscribed in the black granite were the names of people from that community who had served and sacrificed. She was very young at the time and filled with questions.  But one of those questions sticks in my mind, still today.

"Daddy, did you ever have to go to a war?"

And I started to respond by explaining, "No.  You see, I was too young for one war, and then too old for the next…" and then a breeze swept through the park and a realization swept through my mind. 

"The reason I never had to go to war," I told her, "is because these people, did." 

Here's hoping you have the chance to enjoy your family and festivities today.  But on this sacred day, also take a few minutes to remember and honor those who have served and sacrificed.


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