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Defining Your 21st Century Sales Strategy

sales raceThought:  Maybe the sales staff for the 21st century should look different than the sales staff of the 20th century


At least three times a week I find myself discussing sales structure with frustrated sales managers and here’s what I know:

    • We ask every salesperson to do the exact same job 

    • We have no division of labor strategy

    • As a result, we are not as good as we could be.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU. Here’s a question:

If you doubled your sales force would you double your sales?  

a.  Absolutely

b.  I might

c.  Nope- don’t think so


If you did not answer a. (Absolutely), then you have a sales structure design issue!
What if I told you there was a better way to increase sales without increasing head count? Bet that grabbed your attention!

There is.

Jim Hopes, the CEO for The Center of Sales Strategy, has just updated his 2008 groundbreaking white paper that had the media industry buzzing called “Why You Might Not Make It.” This 2011 update is more relevant now than ever and filled with information you need to know. Download this white paper, read it, share it with your colleagues, and think about how you can use this to help improve sales performance in your sales organization.

Here at The Center for Sales Strategy, we work closely with our clients on sales performance engineering. We teach a process that leads organizations to develop the sales force for the 21st century.


Matt Sunshine is Executive Vice President at The Center for Sales Strategy

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