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Good News Every Sales Organization Needs to Hear

smileI loved this post on the Elm Street Economics blog today in which Mike Anderson says, "Walk through your store, office, lobby or dealership with a smile today.  Big enough that people stop and ask you, 'What are you smiling so big about?'  Then, just tell them it was nice to have some great economic news today."

What is the good news? According to an article in The New York times, "...a report that the United States economy had grown at an annual rate of 2.5 percent in the third quarter, the best performance in a year, adding to confidence that the United States will not experience a double-dip recession and prompting investors to put some of their long-dormant cash to work."

Mike is right. Consumers... and those who run businesses... and those who work in sales organizations... need to hear the good news. It's not all gloom and doom. There is evidence that the economy is improving. And while economists say 2.5% growth is not enough for most consumers to feel, the fact is: the number is heading in the right direction.

As someone who works with sales organizations, I think this is big news. It's sometimes extra hard to sell when everyone around you is fixated on the negative. Why not give people something to smile about today? Start spreading the news!

Kimberly Peek is a digital sales coach and online trainer at The Center for Sales Strategy

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