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The Difference Between Making a Sale and Making a Customer: Measurable Results [Sales Strategy]

retention checklistLast Friday's story from Research Brief reminds us that while more executives expect measurable results from their marketing investment, relatively few of their providers are able to demonstrate that ROI.  (Click here to see that briefing.)

Some people might read that sentence and think, “Whew!  Glad I’m not the only one who’s having a hard time figuring that one out!” On the other hand, I bet some of you are licking your chops, and realizing how much more money you could make by doing a better job of getting credit for the response you generate for your clients. After all, when you’re selling digital advertising or integrated media solutions, measurement becomes much easier.

Beyond being simply creative or clever, put your next campaign (and every campaign) through the following litmus test:
  • Does it compel the consumer to take a specific action? (Very few companies are content to have their marketing message simply, “raise awareness” or “brand” their firm. Advertising is an action that is almost always intended to get a reaction… or more accurately, a response.)
  • Is that action specific and measurable? (“Call or stop in today” is a bit too ambiguous. Can you invite the consumer to download more information, redeem a coupon, or call a special phone line that shows they’ve responded to this marketing message, specifically?)
  • Have you discussed “the R word” with the client ahead of time? (Too often, we dodge the topic of Results, rather than embracing it.  Expectations should be discussed ahead of time, and results should be monitored early and often so that adjustments can be made to your campaign.

Is it more difficult to create and execute a marketing plan that calls for measurable results?  Yes, it is. But it is also more difficult for the client to avoid renewing that investment when you can demonstrate the benefit it delivers.

For help, download the Retention Checklist, and use it as a map to create verifiable results. 


Mike Anderson is VP Consumer Insights and Communication at The Center for Sales Strategy.


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