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Improving Sales Starts with Selecting Quality Prospects

sales meetingWho is worth your new business development time? Not every new business prospect is. Here are 6 things to consider when selecting a new business prospect:

1.  Do they have the cash to spend like your best customer?

2.  Can you get access to the decision maker?

3.  Will your products help solve the prospect’s business problems?

4.  Will they value your expertise (or are they a penny pincher)?

5.  Can you leverage a sales conversion into future sales?

6.   Do you think you will enjoy spending time with them?

You have a choice when selecting new business prospects. Improving sales and your ability to solve business problems are directly tied to who you choose to pursue. Choose wisely.

Happy selling!

Kurt Sima is a VP / Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy.

Topics: Needs Analysis Sales