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Sales Strategy: The Telephone; Friend or Foe?

sales strategy?With everyone's time at such a premium these days, many of us have come to rely too much on our phones. Perhaps it would be healthy to step back and consider what the telephone can and cannot do for your sales strategy: 

The Telephone:

  • Can get you an appointment, but cannot get you customers.
  • Can get you in trouble if you rely on it too much. And no, one more phone call is not going to get you OUT of that trouble.
  • Can help you rationalize the time you spend in the office, but cannot help you rationalize a lousy billing month.
  • Can help you set up your day, but cannot BE your day. 
  • Can be a great tool for ‘touching base’ and ‘following up,’ but should never be a substitute for an important meeting.
  • Can allow you to hear a client’s tone of voice, but not see their face or read their body language.

Every time you reach for the phone, take a moment to think about the trade-offs and alternatives, and ask yourself if the telephone is the best way to communicate today.


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