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Sales Strategy: Helping You Find That Special Someone

Helping You Find That Special SomeoneWho are the prospects waiting for you? Before we get started on our journey to find that special someone, we need to define a “prospect” from a “suspect.” In my readings, the best definition I’ve found is:   

  • Prospect - “A prospect is an individual or a group capable of making a decision on a product or service that a salesperson is selling.”  
  • Suspect - “Is a name that offers hope to someday being a prospect.”  You spend time with a suspect; you invest time with a prospect.

Who are the prospects waiting for you?

First, we have to understand where prospects come from. So, aligned with Valentine’s Day, they are placed into 3 categories. If you capture 2 out of 3 of these categories, you will prosper and be successful!

Prospects who are passionate about you…

Now, I’m going to upset salespeople who can easily fall 100% into this category. That fact of the matter is you will not be able to grow by solely placing sales with prospects you’ve known, and who already trust you and your company. The reason these people buy from you is because they are familiar with you and/or your organization. Don’t get me wrong, this is great news! It is important to maintain the base and grow these relationships. But is it enough? 

Prospects who are passionate about someone or something else…

The second category is someone who is passionate about someone or something else meaning that whatever you do, chances are, you will not succeed or it will be extremely difficult to get their business. Sometimes it’s because these prospects can fall into category 1 (with the other guy) or the prospect is not interested in your products and services, period. Either way, there is a good probability that you’re not getting the business.

Prospects who don’t know you…

The last category is up for grabs.  This is where top b2b salespeople separate themselves from average salespeople. This is where great companies separate themselves by moving their investment from a traditional marketing approach to a digital marketing approach. Targeting your ideal customers, following up with “Hot” prospects through Inbound Marketing, and are good at Getting Quality Appointments are how you meet prospects who are waiting to hear from you!

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