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Improving Sales Performance: Become a Personal Positioning Machine

Sales PerformanceThe best B2B salespeople use a sales strategy that includes personal positioning. Here’s how you can get into this game and attract new business prospects:

  • Treat yourself like a brand and define your position relative to the things sought by potential customers.

  • Create marketing collateral about your brand. A personal marketing resume (PMR) is an effective method to get this accomplished. PMRs come in all shapes and sizes and formats (paper, digital and video).

  • Use social media to share information about your brand. Here's a simple test to see if you are currently doing this: Take a look at your LinkedIn profile. How does it look? What does it say about you? Does it include a brand position? Is it up to date? When was the last time you added someone to your LinkedIn network? When was the last time you shared thoughts on LinkedIn or other social media platforms?

  • Become a thought leader and use your thoughts as a magnet. Blogging is one way to do this — sharing information aligned with your brand is another.

  • Stick your neck out and offer your expertise to people your customers do business with. For example: Host a webinar tied to an area of expertise. Then invite five customers to invite five people they do business with. Be sure to deliver content of value during the webinar and deliver information about your brand. Conduct a session like this once a month.

You have the ability to build your brand and accomplish the goal of improving sales performance as a result. A combination of personal positioning and inbound marketing will provide a turbo burst to you sales! 


To find out more about inbound marketing, download our 7 Steps to Lead Generation.



Kurt Sima is VP/Senior Consultant for The Center for Sales Strategy

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