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Is Your B2B Sales Strategy All Talk and No Action?

Sales StrategyThe more senses we employ, the more likely we are to understand and accept the information being communicated. This relates directly to how much use you make of visual and audio aids when selling -- and to what degree you involve the prospect in the sales process.

If all you are doing is talking to the client, you are operating at the least effective level of presentation possible. Add an audio or visual component, and your effectiveness goes up.


The most effective level has the prospect physically involved -- actively participating all the way through the process.


Why not look ahead to your next presentation and determine how you can avoid being all talk and no action?


If you’re a sales manager:

Sit with your people to help them determine how they will involve more senses in their next presentation. You might even run a sales meeting where you have one person at a time talk about an upcoming presentation, and have the group brainstorm some ways to involve more senses.


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