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Sales Coaching: Are you making the most of your talents?

Are you making the most of your talents At The Center for Sales Strategy, our reason for being is to Turn Talent into Performance.  But some of what we do, you can do for yourself. Just take the time to study what people appreciate about the services and sales efforts you provide. 

Many companies conduct customer satisfaction surveys, in order to diagnose what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and what they’re doing that’s not much more than a waste of time.  Why couldn’t you do the same… for the brand called, “You?”

Canvas your clients, and find out why they invest in your product, as well as in your service as an account manager.  You could conduct a formal survey, if you like. Or, you could simply sprinkle this inquiry into a series of your future conversations:

I hope it is evident that I work hard to deserve the business you place with me, and in a number of different ways. Of the resources I strive to provide, which do you value most?

  • Help with advance research before the transaction has ever occurred?
  • Creativity and ideas associated with the projects we build together?
  • Simple follow-up after the sale?
  • Acting as an objective, outside resource to your company?
  • Behaving as if I am an extension of your staff?
  • Bringing experience to the table as a product and service resource?
  • Simply providing access to the wide variety of assets and resources my company provides?
  • Etc.  Think-up your own possibilities!


When you understand what clients appreciate most about the service you provide, you have shed light on the talents your clients most appreciate about you! 

Then, it just makes sense to go out and find more prospects like that.

People don’t just buy from you because they like you. (Although, you are quite charming, I’m sure.) They buy from you because of the talent you bring to the table.  Do you know what those “most appreciated” talents are?


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Mike Anderson is VP of Consumer Insights and Communication at The Center for Sales Strategy

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