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Is It a Sales Strategy, or Is It a Solution Strategy?

Is it a sales strategy   Or a solution strategy If you’re a client of The Center for Sales Strategy, this message could be akin to “singing to the choir.” But even the greatest practitioners of customer-focused selling can benefit from a reminder, from time to time.  

Most salespeople are under pressure to grow their revenue… competing against innumerable other organizations that are also selling in the category, and even competing against their own prior accomplishments to achieve sales growth. 

The temptation, naturally, is to focus on what you have to sell.  But the best plan of attack is to focus on who you’re selling to.

Before you move into “presentation mode,” ask yourself:  Am I presenting my sales strategy, or a solutions strategy?  Quite simply, a sales strategy benefits you first (and then your client), and a solution strategy benefits the client first (and then you). A sales strategy helps you achieve your objectives (a budget, a quota, an increase in revenue), and a solution strategy focuses on helping the client achieve their objectives.

Ironically, when you help someone achieve their goals… your revenue needs are likely to take care of themselves. 

Just take a minute to remember, today, that sales are made once. Solutions are requested again and again and again.


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Mike Anderson is VP of Consumer Insights and Communication at 

The Center for Sales Strategy

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