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Five Posts on Hiring and Managing Talent You Might Have Missed

Exceeding budget with a sales team isn't easy. Finding the right salesperson that fits your company's culture isn't easy. Recruiting that salesperson can be hard for a number of reasons, not to mention your competition. Developing salespeople and coaching them is huge task by itself.

At The Center For Sales Strategy, Turning Sales Talent Into Sales Performance is our reason for being. To that end, we took a look at a number of previous blogs posts about hiring and managing talent that you might have missed to help you with your sales team, help in your leadership development and answer some questions you have.

We hope these posts help you with your challenging and difficult talent issues!


1) HIRING SALESPEOPLE: The Secret Talent Stash

Your Talent Bank should also be overflowing with possibilities. When a position opens up in your company, you should not be scrambling, grabbing for the first person who might work, or paying an unnecessary premium. Instead, you should be able to go to your Talent Bank, look over the possibilities, and find the one person that is just right for what you need. 

2) Secrets to Coaching the Talent of Work Intensity

You know who I’m talking about... your salesperson who usually gets in early or stays late, and seems to cram so much into her day that she has to walk and talk faster than everyone else just to get it all done.

3) Sales Management Secrets: Coaching the Talent of Enterpriser

Some people desire complete collaboration and group decisions and they seek lots of guidance in their daily work to make sure they are on-track. Not those with strong Enterpriser talent!

4) Recruitment and Selection Is a Deadly Phrase in Talent Acquisition

There is an inherent danger in grouping two items together for conversational purposes, even when they go together. The danger is when they are always tied up in one phrase; they begin to sound like they are the same thing. 

5) COACHING SALESPEOPLE: You Can't Coach Talent from the Locker Room

Can you imagine Bill Belichick, head coach for the New England Patriots, calling the plays, encouraging his players, and developing star athletes like Tom Brady from inside the locker room? Of course not! So, why do sales managers try that approach?

To learn about how developing a Talent Bank , and specifically how it helps address expensive sales department turnover problems, download our white paper here.

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