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Hiring Salespeople: The Secret Talent Stash


I learned a lot from my grandparents over the years, but the most useful gem they left me with is the secret of the Gift Closet. Everyone should have one. Let me tell you about mine. Picture a deep closet in the master bedroom hallway designed to hold towels, linens, and probably a vacuum cleaner—but instead, it is stocked with the following: 

1. A Kate Spade Kindle cover which is perfect for my mom. It is her favorite colors and, although her birthday is not until February, I couldn’t pass it up. It was on sale for three days only!

2. A Mizzou hat for my sister-in-law. My husband found one for me and I knew she would love one too. Her birthday is in November but we are going to a Mizzou game together in October, so we’ll see if I can hold out.

3. Quite a few extra-large Tyler French Market candles (my favorite!) I don’t really have anyone specifically in mind for those yet, but they are hard to find in this size and I know that I will need the “perfect” gift at some point this year. Now I’ll be ready.

Surely you are wondering by now, “why is she telling me about her gift closet and the random items inside?” Or, maybe you are already on to me!

My gift closet is the home-version of your Talent Bank. 

My gift closet is bursting with possibilities, holding all of the gifts that I might need in the future. You won’t see me out scrambling the day before, spending twice as much on something that may not work! 

Some items in there are earmarked and waiting for their big debut. Other items were just too good to pass up and are in a holding pattern until the perfect opportunity arises. Nothing in my gift closet expires. 

Your Talent Bank should also be overflowing with possibilities. When a position opens up in your company, you should not be scrambling, grabbing for the first person who might work, or paying an unnecessary premium. Instead, you should be able to go to your Talent Bank, look over the possibilities, and find the one person that is just right for what you need. 

Talent is only a strength when the fit is right.

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