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Yikes! Your Sales Strategy Includes Surprising Your Prospect?

A surefire way to increase your closing ratio!Will the moment of truth be looming in the next meeting with your prospect—the meeting at which you look her in the eye, fingers crossed, and go for the close? 

Or, will this be the meeting where all you have to do is confirm the details to implement your solution—because your prospect already has a pretty good idea of what you’re bringing to the table?

You should always strive to avoid the sales strategy of the “all or nothing” close, in which the atmosphere is fraught with tension. Instead, involve the decision maker and decision influencers, every step of the way—from needs analysis to idea development. This will help you to produce a proposal with no surprises; as you share what you are thinking, remove surprises and gain agreement through each step of the process. Using mini-closes in this way will increase the chance that your solution will be accepted.  

Think about one of your most important current prospects, and plan several mini-closes that you can use to move the process forward—and avoid the “all or nothing” risky close.

Click below to download our tips on weaving buying and selling together, including the use of mini-closes.

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