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Five Articles That Can Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

It is hard to believe that 3Q of 2013 is coming to an end!  A glance at the calendar inspired us to take a look back at the Digital Marketing articles that were most popular this year and we wanted to share them with you.  You may have missed one of these articles when it was originally published or you could even be new to our blog. But even if you’ve read these articles before, they are probably worth a second look!

These five Digital Marketing articles will help you build your strategy, measure your success, understand the needs of both prospects and clients, convey the right message to the right audience, and most importantly - stay relevant.

Good luck! 

1) My Tween Daughters and a Digital Marketing Strategy That Worked

I'm a savvy consumer and avid show roomer and know never to pay the full, advertised price for anything. So I begin the process of getting the best deal I can at my daughters’ now favorite clothing retailer. 

2) Five Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

As websites become more and more important in the consumer path to purchase, the need to measure the efficacy of digital marketing also increases. This is a shared burden between those selling digital media and business owners/marketers who are looking to maximize their ROI. We know that “clicks” provide an incomplete picture into the impact of digital advertising, as most users do not click on ads but still find their way to a businesses website after being exposed to ads.  

3) SELLING DIGITAL ADVERTISING: The Magic of the Digital Needs Analysis

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had several account managers ask me questions surrounding a digital client needs analysis. Each one wanted to know those three or four questions that would magically give them everything they needed to put together a fool-proof digital solution. The truth is: there are no magical questions.   

4) Just Released: Digital Integrated Marketing Infographic

When it comes to conveying your message to your audience, you'll find the sweet spot when you combine the power of traditional media with digital media. The integrated marketing solution provides prospects and customers with both the spark of interest and the depth of information they require to make a buying decision.

5) Improving Digital Sales: Artie Decker's Tips to Being Relevant

On a recent client visit, the main purpose was to help them plan their 2013 strategy.  One of the topics we covered was how the management team and sales people could remain digitally relevant in 2013.   After seeing the movie "Parental Guidance," it was obvious one of the lead characters, Artie Decker could relate.

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