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My Tween Daughters and a Digital Marketing Strategy That Worked

media snacking and super consumerMy tween girls have been shopping at their favorite tween retailer for the last few years. However, with my oldest now in middle school and younger daughter following in her footsteps, that retailer is not cool enough. She decides she wants to shop at a trendier teen retailer discovered through print advertising.  This could mean mommy would need a second job to afford the clothes they sell.

But I'm a savvy consumer and avid show roomer and know never to pay the full, advertised price for anything. So I begin the process of getting the best deal I can at my daughters’ now favorite clothing retailer. 

How the Special Offer Could Work at a Favorite Retailer

When visiting the teen clothing retailer’s store for the first time, I signed up for the retailer’s loyalty program on their mobile website to get the email notifications of special exclusive offers they promised if I signed up. Clearly a retailer targeting teens and their parents would embrace social media so I also liked their page on Facebook and followed them on Twitter for additional offers (which I now receive). I also received a Thank You email for signing up with a special offer included. Promise kept by said retailer. Check!

In following up and opening the email, I noticed the retailer also uses Instagram. So I turned to my oldest daughter and say, “Wanna follow [teen retailer] on Instagram? They say they share some really cool outfit ideas.” She loves Instagram and agreed that would be a great idea and now follows them on Instagram. A few days later she sees a really cool outfit of some super skinny jeans and a very fashionable hoodie. She asked if we could go to the store this weekend. I told her I received an email with an exclusive offer for $20 hoodies and jeans so we now have plans to go to the retailer this weekend. 

While sounding complex, this is a true story. This is an account of real engagement my daughter and I had collectively with a particular retailer. This is also a powerful example of how media snacking and super consumers influence the way in which retailers should be engaging with their target market or target markets with their digital marketing strategy, as in my case. Media snacking is the consumption of similar content over many media, and super consumers are consumers with the buying power of two or more at one time. The story also showcases a bit of the ZMOT theory, also known as the Zero Moment Of Truth in which Google explores how the use of opinion and research online influences how you shop and/or buy in-store. 

Interacting with Multiple Consumers

This interaction doesn't only happen between parents and their kids, as illustrated above.  Media snacking and super consumers come in many shapes and sizes. They can be managers and their employers recalling a print ad featuring a needed product, then researching the product on their tablets and desktop computers at work for more information. They can be friends that live thousands of miles apart influencing each other through likes and shares on Facebook for a popular brand they saw on TV.

They could be you and your parent hearing an ad on the radio for a new arthritis medication while in the car to a doctor’s appointment. It’s something your elder might want to try, so while waiting for the doctor you research what you heard on your smartphone and see a coupon on the table next to you. 

A Solution... An Integrated Solution

When planning your digital marketing, be conscious of not only the target market that you're trying to influence but also think about who that target can or will also influence in the purchase of your product or service and HOW they may choose to influence them. This will ensure you maximize the result of your efforts. Digital can get complicated because we have the ability to be connected to many people, all at the same time and possibly on various devices

Consumers influence each other, even if as strangers, every day online. The fundamental to remember is to think about how you can integrate your marketing strategy or tactic in all of your various media. An integrated solution of reach media such as broadcast, radio or print in addition to digital media that includes social, mobile, search, video and/or display is a really powerful combination. Powerful because you are addressing the media snacking a particular target may engage in and the super consumer they can become.

To download an introductory infographic on creating integrated solutions, click here.

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