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Make Yourself Irreplaceable… Before It’s Too Late

Make Yourself Irreplaceable… Before It’s Too LateThere have been several articles in recent weeks about the impressive growth of real-time bidding. A recent forecast by eMarketer has almost 20% of all US display dollars coming from real-time bids, which is up 73.9% from last year. This got me thinking about the changes this brings to the world of buying and selling display advertising. 

The Change is Already Here

This is a change that has affected several industries before it — those that once relied on people to deliver solutions, but were forever changed by technology, and the ability for the buyer to “do it themselves.” Think about the insurance agent or the travel agent whose professions have been forever changed by technology.

Before companies like Esurance, you automatically consulted with an insurance agent for an automotive or homeowners policy. While there are not as many independent agents today, and you don’t need one to get a quote or buy a policy, people still use them. They use them because of the knowledge, value and expertise that they bring to the table. I could tell you a similar story using an example of a financial planner, real estate agent or a travel agent.

What About You?

If you sell digital media and marketing solutions, it is important to pay attention to the rise of programmatic buying as it is likely to greatly impact your profession as well. The forecasts for real-time bidding in the US show no signs of slowing or stopping, which makes developing a bright idea in response to your clients marketing challenges all the more important. The bright idea that you develop along with the capabilities you recommend to bring that idea to life is how you will create value for your clients. 

Your Ideas and Your Custom Solutions

Creating this type of solution positions you as an expert and establishes the value that you bring to your clients. Focusing on display advertising and not the solution will make you expendable, allowing technology to replace the value you deliver. Learn from those professions before you – create value now. There is little doubt that this trend will permeate into other industries over time, replacing humans unless we make ourselves irreplaceable.

Work to understand your clients’ challenges, float a few ideas and build a solution around the one that gets them most excited. Keep them engaged and build a solution that keeps them coming back for more.

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