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It’s a Key Account. Not an Annuity.

its a key account not an annuityThis week, one of our clients was talking about how she returns to the same car dealership every three years, like clockwork, and orders another upgraded version of the car she loves to drive. 

A co-worker turned toward her and said, “You’re not just a customer.  You’re an annuity.”

The statement was worth a chuckle, but it really got me thinking. The moment you begin to assume that a Key Account’s spending will always be there—when you start to take it for granted—that’s when the relationship is most at risk.

Long-term relationships can lead to mistakes. For example, you might think, “I’m going to be a few minutes late… but (Bob) will understand, because he knows how I operate.”

“Sheila’s a great client.  She won’t even look at another proposal without asking for my input.”

The moment you begin to think that money will always be there, that’s when you risk not working quite as hard to earn it. Or, if you allow the customer to perceive that you’re taking the business for granted, you’re closer than you think to kissing that once renewable source of revenue goodbye.

Once in a while, review that Key Account list, and ask yourself if you’ve done anything lately to make sure that each client feels appreciated, valued, and like they’re really smart for depending on you as an important business partner.

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