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Don't Put Comfort Over Doing Good Work

the-right-way-to-argueThis was another great week in terms of engaging content. We found a lot that made us think.

Here are the five articles that piqued our interest:

1. Why arguing at work is okay, and the right way to to it {Inc.}

Brené Brown discusses the value of being uncomfortable when giving feedback, and why you shouldn't put comfort over doing good work.

2. How to write content that drives traffic for years {Top Dog Social Media}

Focus on your topic. What would your target persona find most valuable? This article also goes into the best kind of title/topic for evergreen content.

3. Be careful with email automation {SK Murphy}

Email automation is great, and can help you keep in touch with prospects. But this article points out a story that shows what happens when automated email gets in the way of genuine connection, and reminds us that marketing is a broadcast, and sales is a conversation.

4. Millennials are not buying houses alone {Marketing Mind}

In this age of shopping for everything online, very few millennials are able to understand the complexities of buying houses, making room for realtors who can share their knowledge and expertise of the process.

5. How to change your habits and become better than before {Brain Pickings}

Gretchen Rubin's new book is about how to harness the power of habit to change yours, and get better than you were before.

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