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It Pays to Give Thanks at the Office + More


It's Friday, and it's time to share our Top 5 articles and resources from this week's readings. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. It Pays to Give Thanks at the Office — The Wall Street Journal

In many offices, it's rare to hear "Thank you," or "I really appreciate that." But in a 2013 survey of 2,000 Americans, sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, 80% of professionals agreed that receiving gratitude makes them work harder. And when researchers at the London School of Economics analyzed more than 50 studies for a 2011 paper that looked at what gets people charged up at work, they discovered some interesting findings. They concluded that we give our best effort if the work gets us interested and excited, if we feel that it’s providing meaning and purpose, and if others appreciate what we’re doing. This article digs into the details of why appreciation is such a strong motivator.

2. Looming Inflation in Healthcare Could Affect How People Shop for It — The Marketing Mind

If you're in the healthcare space or have clients who are, this will interest you: Forbes recently published an article observing rising insurance rates, higher costs-per-procedure, and overall spending in the medical category, forcasting increases. Why does this matter to marketers? The field is opening even wider for retail healthcare providers (the quick clinics you see at Walgreen’s, CVS, Target, Walmart, etc.), as well as the stand-alone urgent care centers. If you're a salesperson in healthcare, take a look at this post for ideas on how to use these developments to get appointments with your target prospects.

3. Will Google’s Algorithm Give a Boost to the Dot Brand? — Search Engine Watch

Google recently announced that it will not weight the Dot Brand higher than other top level domains. But Search Engine Watch says that doesn't mean you don't need to pay attention to Dot Brand. Google didn't factor in Twitter into its algorithm until it mattered. Here's SEW's take on why Dot Brand is something to watch.

4. The Pros, Cons, and Costs of the Top 6 Content Distribution Platforms in 2015 — The Content Strategist

The world of content platforms changes almost daily. New platforms are popping up all the time, and the big players are continually introducing new features and services. If you've been kicking around the idea of doing promoted Tweets or Facebook sponsored posts, or wondering where you should be distributing your content, this post should help.

5. How to be Authoritative Without Being a Jerk — Leadership Freak

There's a big difference in an athoritative leader who inspres confidence and a jerk whose ego inspires frustration. Not to mention the fact that the employees of jerks aren't productive. But we've all seen leaders of both types, and it's sometimes hard to know how to be the former and not the latter. This post offers 7 concrete and practical ways to be an authoritative leader.

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