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How to Cast the Net for Millennial Salespeople

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In an article in Time Magazine describing the new generation of workers, many summarizations were made. Here are a few quotes from that article: “They are thought of as the entitlement, me, me, me generation,” “Want to postpone growing up,” “Overly sensitive at best and lazy at worst.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Which generation do you think this article was about? You may be quick to jump on Millennials for your answer, but you would be wrong! This article was written about 16-year-olds and is dated from a 1990 Time issue on Generation X!

Every older generation views the younger ones with that “What is up with the kids these days?” mindset. Scary to say, but you have become your parents! Millennials are the new YOU!

We hear that word often, but who exactly are Millennials? Let’s look at a quick breakout of your workforce by category:

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Are you currently “fishing” for a Millennial to add to your sales team? What bait are you using when angling for this group?

Millennials are tech-savvy and are often fatigued by wordy, lengthy surveys. This group prefers engagement and dialog. They use smartphones to connect to the web more than with any other device. They also enjoy sharing information about themselves.

A recent blog from The Center for Sales Strategy concentrated on the use of gaming to attract Millennial salespeople. This new way to entice this generation is through “gamification.” This allows companies to create games to uncover talent and allows potential employees a fun way to engage in an industry. Keeping things fresh and new will attract the talent you’ve been searching for.

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Have you updated your website to attract Millennials? Are you using your social media tools as a way to draw them into your company? Many articles have been written about what Millennials are searching for: collaborative work environments, recognition, opportunities for growth, flexible hours, and a purpose, to name a few. How does your company stand out to this group?

Are you using a validated interview assessment that is designed for all of the age groups listed above? Each of The Center for Sales Strategy’s interviews are analyzed and validated annually for all age groupings. These interviews measure the intensity of one’s talents, no matter the age of the applicant or his or her level of experience.

Stand out from other sales organizations to attract the best candidates. Whether you are casting your net for an addition to your sales team or your management team, use tools that will help you hook the right talent for your team. Uncover the talents of many generations and reel in the best candidates to bring your sales team to the next level of success.

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