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How To Write To-Do Lists That Make You Happier At Work + More


We hope you've had a great week! It's Friday, and today we're sharing what we've been reading online this week! Here are our "best" from around the web.

1How To Write To-Do Lists That Make You Happier At Work Fast Company

A sense of purpose brings happiness in your work, and a well-written to-do list can help impart it. A big part of seeing your job as a calling is recognizing the significant contributions you make over the days, weeks, and months that make up your career. So your to-do list should ideally make that easier to see, not harder. Here's how to create a better to-do list.

2. Why LinkedIn Just Got Way More Valuable for Coaches and Consultants Inc.

LinkedIn revealed that it's seen a 240 percent spike in the number of messages sent on the network since it redesigned them to feel more like text messaging exchanges as opposed to emails. Messaging is ideal to use in combination with content marketing. For example, say you publish a post or share a piece of content on LinkedIn. You immediately get a notification on your mobile device or desktop that someone liked, shared or commented on your content. If you're connected to that person, you can immediately send him or her a 1-on-1 message to ignite a conversation around that piece of content. Learn more via this article

3. The Non-Gimme-Gimme Approach to Writing Lead Generation Pages — Copyhackers

You’re creating lead-gen pages because you want quality leads you can convert into happy customers that pay you and refer more business to you. Not simply to grow your email list. This article shows you how to create lead-gen pages that generate more of the leads you actually need.

4. Why We Started Treating Blog Posts Like Campaigns (and You Can Too!) — Unbounce

You spend a lot of time and energy creating blog posts if you're using blogging as a lead generation strategy. Are you getting the mileage out of all that work that you could be getting? This article explains how Unbounce started treating each blog post like the valuable content it actually was.

5. The Anatomy of a Perfect Sales Email Subject Line — HubSpot

Successful subject lines actually share several common characteristics. Once you know the science of a compelling line, you can focus on the art. This article presents the seven essential components of a sales email that gets a response.

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