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How Well do You Know Yourself? A Lesson in Personal Branding

look_in_the_mirrorA while back, there was an entertaining story about a tour bus in Iceland that had pulled over so passengers could inspect a volcano field. One of the passengers stepped into a nearby restroom to freshen up and change into clean clothes. Upon her return, she found the rest of the passengers frantically looking for a woman that had gone missing. She joined in the search, of course, but neither she nor the other tourists could find the lady matching the description of the person who had wandered off.

She didn’t realize until 3AM the next morning they were looking for her. And she was helping them. (See the story as it was published by the Toronto Star.)

Can You Recognize Yourself?

It’s not enough to know what clients are looking for. You must also be able to recognize how you match the description. That's your personal brand.

It is critical that you take some time, every so often, to review all of the amazing assets your company has to offer… beyond the basic products or services you sell. What is your company truly capable of? How can the tools you offer help solve the challenges your clients face? If your prospects were looking for a solution just like the one you can provide, would you be first to recognize it?

Take some time to review your individual capabilities, too. How long has it been since you updated your personal marketing resume? Have you taken any courses or attended any conferences worth addition to your profile? Have you accomplished any new success stories on behalf of other clients that demonstrate your empathy, expertise, and problem solving abilities?

Take a fresh look at who you are, and the company, products, and services you represent. What new clients could you serve or challenges could you solve if you just looked at the world a little differently… or if the world looked at you differently? 

Listen carefully to the clients you serve, and the details behind the challenges they’re trying to solve. You might just find you’re precisely the answer they were looking for.

Let us help you discover who you are. Download a sneak peek into Brand & Connect, our self-directed online course.

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