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How Your Media Sales Team Can Get More Appointments, Waste Less Time, and Sell More!


Being a media sales manager in 2015 is not an easy job. Chances are your sales team and every other media company you compete with sell some combination of digital solutions (search, social, mobile, video, display, etc.) in addition to your core products. To further complicate the sales process, lead generation strategies that worked well 10 years ago are now obsolete—the B2B buying cycle has changed.   

That being said, there are new strategies and tools that can be used to make media sales managers' lives (and their salespeoples') much easier. These tools help waste less time and lead to increases in revenue.

LeadG2, a division of The Center for Sales Strategy, helps media companies create and refine their lead generation strategies, and they'll be hosting a webinar that focuses on three of the challenges that all media sales managers are facing in 2015:

  • Getting more appointments
  • Wasting less time (being able to focus more on qualified leads)
  • Selling more
While these challenges occur in a number of industries and they provide guidance in these industries as well, LeadG2 is in a unique position to help media companies. They have a long history of working with media companies, helping them develop and implement lead generation strategies.

During a short webinar on Thursday, October 29th at 2pm, LeadG2 will be discussing proven ways that media sales managers can develop and implement lead generation strategies that include content marketing, integrating sales enablement tools into the sales process, and having a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Sales and Marketing. 

Attend the FREE Webinar on 10/26 at 2pm EST and learn: 
How Your Media Sales Team Can Get More Appointments, Waste Less Time and Sell More!

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