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Is Display Advertising REALLY in Trouble? + More


Here we are at the end of another week! (They go by so fast, don't they??) It's time for us to share what we've been reading online this week. Here are our "best" from around the web.

1. Is Display Advertising Really in Trouble? HubSpot

Ad-blocking software has marketers worried, but is display advertising really in trouble? HubSpot has an interesting perspective to share in this blog post. Maybe all marketers need to do to see results is change the way they're using digital ads.

2. Why You Should Use Adjusted Bounce Rate — Moz

There's no way to know whether your website is performing well unless you measure that performance. Bounce rate has traditionally been one of the metrics companies use to measure website performance, but that metric often isn't really accuraute. You can make your bounce rate metric smarter when you use adjusted bounce rate. This article tells you how.

3. The Best Employees Stay With Companies That Help Them to Get Better — Entrepreneur

What company doesn't want to retain their best people? Research shows that professional development is a priority for those who are serious about doing good work, and companies can make the most of that fact by helping their people grow. This article offers concrete ways to do it.

4. Content Budgets Rise as Measurement Advances — Ad Age

Not only are marketers continuing to boost budgets for content marketing, three-quarters of them can now measure the bottom-line impact of those efforts, according to a new report from Forrester ResearchThis post digs into the details.

5. Advertising Insights: Instagram Interest, Reach Millennials on Facebook, Video Ad Growth — Salesforce

Whether you sell digital advertising or you buy it, lots has been happening in the advertising world lately. This post features three things you won't want to miss.

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