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How to Stop Procrastinating

This week was excellent in terms of content found online.

Here's what piqued our interest this week:

1. How to Stop Procrastinating {From Barking up the Wrong Tree}

In order to get more done, you have to change your habits, turn habits into a ritual and make them collaborative. This reminds us of our How Selling course, where we teach salespeople to prepare for the meeting, prepare the prospect, prepare, prepare, prepare! Don’t burn your time asking questions that could have been answered by looking at the website! Change your habit, change your life.

2. 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don't Have a Clue {From Copyblogger}

Curate, brainstorm, ask your readers. There are gems of great insight on creating content when the blank white screen stares back at you mockingly. Plus, it's a very good looking infographic.

3. The System Dynamics of 2200 Marketing Technology Companies {From ChiefMartec}

This is really fascinating. Click the image to enlarge it:


4. The Audience Gets to Vote on Whether Your Message Was Appropriate {From The Marketing Mind}

We can (and should!) learn from Nationwide's ad during the Super Bowl. Are you sure your message is coming across the right way?

5. Music Makes Your Brain Alive {From Brain Pickings}

Listening to music activates different areas of your brain, but playing music wakes up every part of your brain, which could explain why musicians can solve problems more creatively than non-musicians. Watch the short movie. It's worth five minutes.

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