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Are You a Salespeople Manager? Or Just a Sales Manager?

You know how it works at most car dealers.
The salesperson shows you the vehicle, does a "walk around" (that's their jargon for reciting the features and benefits), and then gets all mushy when it comes to how much you'll pay. That's because the salesperson doesn't actually negotiate the price. They're not trusted to do so. Every deal goes to the sales manager, and negotiations are typically handled with the salesperson doing a sort of "shuttle diplomacy" between the unseen boss and you, the prospective buyer.

In professional B2B sales, it doesn't work that way. We have real salespeople, and we trust them to handle prospects and deals, right? Not so quick, Charlie. When we're out in the field with our newer B2B clients, we see managers running around managing deals, not people--and missing the boat on their real opportunities to grow revenue. Jump into these 15 slides and learn the difference between being a Sales Manager and a Salespeople Manager.
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